Amanda Karlsson at Konsthallen Trollhättan

Amanda Karlsson
The Leech party / Igelfesten
Konsthallen Trollhätten
1.6 - 4.8. 2024

The Leech Party / Igelfesten is a celebration, an approach and an exploration of our collective undesirable qualities.

The exhibition is a scenography consisting of large-scale oil paintings on wood that tell the story of an imagined party place frozen in time. A scene of a permissive space where we can relate to ourselves, where through humor and fiction we can approach the qualities that we can never get rid of.

Amanda Karlsson formulates stories from a fictional reality alongside our own. A reality that has been created from her upbringing in Värmland, from the working class, mythological storytelling and deep forests. Through painting, sculpture and spatial installations, she explores our need for contemporary stories.

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Amanda Karlsson