New embroideries by Linda Lasson

Stories about an exploited Norrland and an displaced indigenous population

Linda Lasson is a textile artist who, with black sewing thread on reinforcement fabric, puts her thumb in the eye of a devastating contemporary with stories about an exploited Norrland and an displaced indigenous people.

She is a curious and open artist who likes to experiment and find new materials to express herself with. The impression is airy and organic at the same time as the works get a strong graphic touch.

Black sewing thread on reinforcement fabric is the basis, but I also experiment with other materials and techniques - birch, reindeer skin, horsehair and birch bark. Recently I have also tried to use empty wasp nests.

Wants to give nature a voice

The pandemic has meant that many of Linda's exhibitions have been promoted, but her everyday and working life has not changed much. Linda works in Härnösand and works from home her house where she shares the areas with several dogs and cats.

Linda's art usually wants to give nature a voice and depict a plundering contemporary that brings with it a ruthless blackness. She has lived in the mountains of Jämtland, close to the Sami culture, and this has affected her both as a person and as an artist.

In my embroideries it vibrates with the purest primordial power; the magic drum, the holy bear, the power measurement of the graces in the flaming northern lights. The reindeer that carry the rising sun in their horns, the reindeer herd that roams untouched mountains.

In one of her latest embroideries, entitled "Still life", Linda goes completely away from her usual theme. She explains that it is a way to develop and to always move forward in the process.

When I started to take a closer look at what other textile artists created, I saw that everyone just made landscapes all the time. Then fuck, I'll do still life instead! The process takes a very long time but it is fun and I will continue to test myself. It becomes too boring to always work with the same motive and never develop.

Still life
Embroidery on reinforcement cloth
62x52 cm

Despite the fact that many of Linda's exhibitions have been moved forward, there are some that are still planned to open as planned. The closest is a separate exhibition at Västerås Art Gallery on March 13 and in mid-April she is one of the exhibitors at Liljevalch's Spring Salon. There she will participate with the work "The Battle for the Ground" which is about mining establishments in Sweden.

By: Gallery Helle Knudsen

New embroideries