Collection: Pål Svensson

Pål Svensson (b. 1950 in Gothenburg) was educated at Valand Academy of the Arts in Gothenburg from 1979, where he worked with installations that changed his perception of space. In 1983, he came in contact with diabase at a symposium, a stone he carefully explored. He was seized by the strong expression of the stone and sought its opposite, to set the hard against the soft, the fine against the rough, the wet against the dry.

Pål Svensson has completed about 50 public assignments in Sweden, Denmark, England, Belgium, Germany and the USA, of which 15 are works of water art. Notable works include a. "Himmelsbåge" 2001 at the E4 / Hagaparken in Solna, "Sommarbrunn - Vinterlykta" 1994 at Stortorget in Ängelholm, and "Sprungen Ur" 1996 in Wanås. He is also represented in the collections at the Gothenburg Art Museum, the Museum of Sketches in Lund, Loughborough University in England and private collections in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, England and the USA.