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Björn Camenius

Björn Camenius

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Title: Emo
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 22x19.5 cm

Björn Camenius was born in 1987 and has a bachelor's degree from Akademin Valand in Gothenburg in 2016. Since then he has had several solo and group exhibitions in galleries and in a museum.

Camenius thinks of his paintings as different rooms. There he can experiment with different characters and props to see which scenes arise, all in a dreamlike mixture of impressions from everyday life and impulses from the subconscious. In these rooms you are met by its moods and oddities. One is amazed and sometimes even frightened. He thinks about the charge in the room and what arises in the meeting between the work and the viewer in the same way as how different types of weather affect an environment in which one finds oneself.

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