Amanda Karlsson: Beacon

January 25 - February 23, 2020

Beacon is Amanda Karlsson's second solo exhibition at the gallery. In the series, she has worked on separation as a concept and the loss as a conclusion. Based on perceived history and captured narratives, we encounter motives that are in a fragmented future. Feverishly searching for a light to lead the way, a Beacon.

Karlsson's work revolves around a reality based on fiction, truth as a concept and how uncomfortable and crowded it is to be human. In her work, individuals are often portrayed with what she calls signal objects; a spaceship that may symbolize longing, a cardboard ax as a mental weapon or a disguise to be something else for a while.

Her works are structured as scenes that invite the viewer to stand up. Either when you step close to her paintings of sawn wood, or stand next to the motif on the canvas. She builds her works layer by layer in oil paint. A slow process, almost performative. As the motifs are based on photographic material, they contain a told story. In the process, these stories remain with her and are clarified, shifted and distorted in step with the visual work.

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 Amanda Karlsson

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