Cecilia Hedlund: Epexo

August 20 - September 5, 2020

Epexo is Cecilia Hedlund's first solo exhibition at Galleri Helle Knudsen. In the autumn of 2019, she was voted by the gallery's art association for this year's scholarship in free art and received SEK 10,000 and the opportunity for an exhibition.

Cecilia was born in 1984 and has studied at Edinburgh College of Art
in Edinburgh), Edinburgh University and Oxford Brookes University, and Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm. In the autumn, she will begin her studies for a Master of Fine Arts at the University of the Creative Arts in London and Barnsley in England.


Much of my artistic work is about man's relationship to nature and in this theme there are questions about existence, time and belonging. For this exhibition, I have worked with sculptures and paintings in which I have examined and tried to shape our relationship to nature as a mirror in which we can get a look at ourselves and our actions. In this I start from the relationship that I myself built with nature during my childhood. A relationship that is constantly evolving. I devote myself to outdoor painting and studies in nature and work with clay, plaster, metal and stone sculptures.

Working with stone is heavy and laborious. It often feels like a hopeless process, but when the work is finished, both the stone and I have undergone a metamorphosis. Out in the field, I study the small structures in the landscapes as well as the big features. I want to be part of the changes of weather and light. Rarely is the thought so clear as when the rain whips in your face. My work also becomes a documentation of time because one and the same place changes over a day, a week, a year when the weather and light change. Being able to be out in the field and work is a prerequisite for the implementation of the works. The works shown during this exhibition are the result of many hours in the field.

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Cecilia Hedlund
The forest at Manila early morning, oil on canvas, 80x100 cm

Cecilia Hedlund
Soon the ice melts, sculpture in marble, bronze and aluminum, 20x50x15 cm

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