Lukas Cornix: The Twilight People

October 5 - October 27, 2019

Lukas Cornix (b. 1993, Växjö) completed his 3-year bachelor's degree at the Valand Academy in Gothenburg this spring and recently received a scholarship from the Eric Ericson Foundation. In the exhibition Twilight People, Cornix wants to capture the dichotomy that arises between man and technology. How these different worlds meet and merge.

"We have these amazing tools to communicate and preserve memories. A continuous stream of thoughts and information. But they are not enough. Long nights of chat messages, where we can not fully understand each other. The preservation of those who are no longer here, or "those who are far too far away. Over internet connections, in film clips and on old videotapes, we find them. Beyond the noise, they are, the twilight people."


Lukas Cornix

 "Laundromat in Rome with free Wi-Fi", Oil on canvas, 95x150 cm