Market Art Fair: Lukas Cornix & Amanda Karlsson

17.5 - 19.5
Lukas Cornix & Amanda Karlsson
Market Art Fair, Spritmuseum

Everything Must Go is a duo exhibition by Lukas Cornix and Amanda Karlsson, two young artists with similar themes and philosophies yet distinct artistic expressions and methods.

The title resonates with multifaceted meanings on both conceptual and contextual levels. It suggests temporality, signalling an end to all things while demanding functionality and pushing the boundaries of human aspiration.

United in their pursuit of truth and honesty in art, Karlsson seeks an objective truth while acknowledging the inherent subjectivity, while Cornix aims for honesty within the gestures of painting. Both artists emphasize the need to believe that it must go, and that persistence will lead to a resolution.

In her artistic practice, Amanda Karlsson (b. 1989, Karlstad) uses oil paint and works with wood in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. She constructs scenographies and stages imagined events, which she then documents and recreates in installations and paintings.

Lukas Cornix’s (b. 1993, Växjö) painting practice predominantly takes place on paper, which benefits his approach and process. Cornix works swiftly and intuitively - crucial for exploring mixed techniques and the type of painting he seeks to achieve. He aims to approach a painting style that combines intricate and unpretentious gestures.


Lukas CornixLukas Cornix, Memorandum, 2023 Oil on paper, 119 x 94 cm

Amanda Karlsson

Amanda Karlsson, Deepseacreature, 2023
Oil on sawn wood, 55 x 39 x 9 cm