Jenny Olsson, Nina Kerola, Maria Lindström: Somewhere

March 9 - March 31, 2019

Nina Kerola, Maria Lindström and Jenny Olsson's work revolves around memory, longing, place and existence. In the exhibition Somewhere, they explore places in their surroundings, places that could be anywhere or nowhere, near or far away. With different starting points and expressions, they shape objects, spaces and landscapes that can seem both familiar and readable, but at the same time dissolved or multidimensional.

Jenny Olsson was born in 1973 and is active in Stockholm. She is an artist who works with time, memories and place. The main way of expression is through the graphics that create the opportunity to build images with several layers on top of each other. The trees, forest and water characterize her world of images and the landscape has a central place. In the creation of the images, the movement or walk through the landscape is important to also make time and different time perspectives visible.

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Nina Kerola born 1965 in Turku, Finland. She lives and works in Stockholm. Educated at the Pori School of Fine Arts in Finland, the project program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Nina has for many years worked as a teacher in Art. Works as an Art Educator at Fullersta Gård in Huddinge Municipality. In Nina Kerola's pictures, she returns as a female figure searching through open landscapes. She has a desire to explore the new, to move forward even though she does not know where she will land. The same tree is passed over and over again and other steps are repeated in the pictures, as if to remind us of what it feels like to step into a new place to find old memories. At the same time, Kerola testifies to a strong need to return regularly to her home country, on Finnish soil she finds her inspiration and new worlds of images. 

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Maria Lindström was born in 1964 in By, Dalarna. She lives and works in Stockholm. Works mainly with graphics, artist's book and paper as a medium. Since 1998, Maria combines her artistry with teaching, first at the Graphic Arts School in Stockholm and 2001 - 2013 in lithography at Kungl. The Academy of Fine Arts, since 2015 she is again a teacher at the Graphic Arts School. Many of her works have revolved around memory and identity, longing and being are some other key words for her images. She has previously used me of nature, the forest and a specific walking path for visual notes and diary notes, a collaboration with her friend and artist colleague Jenny Olsson which resulted in the exhibition Letter to Doris and Dreams of Rest at the Graphic Society 2016. In Notes, the forest is for a dialogue with her in a form of writing, she notes and passes on signs and patterns as a kind of forest's own poetry.