NORTH Art Fair

September 6 - September 8, 2019

This year, Gallery Helle Knudsen is participating for the first time at the NORTH Kunstmesse in Aalborg. You will find us in stand 10 showing works by Amanda Karlsson, Björn Camenius, Emma Larsson and Anna Rabe.

Amanda Karlsson (b. 1989 Karlstad, Sweden) is a visual artist addressing subjects such as realities, fiction and the uncomfortable part of being human in the middle of them. This, in relation to an explorative process focusing on research, draws parallels between the collective psyche, our individual narrative and the concept of truth.

Anna Rabe (b. 1950 Gothenburg, Sweden) has painted for as long as she can remember. Her mother died when she and her twin sister were born and in the chaos that became her life, the drawing and painting were her safety. The speaking words became an obstacle, but the painting created freedom and context.

Emma Larssons (b. 1977 Gothenburg, Sweden) signature dreamlike landscapes and family groupings of abstract figures have an unworldly appeal thanks to an experimental style: the outdoors influence coming through in both organic textures and earthy colors.

Björn Camenius (b. 1987 Västerås, Sweden) sees his paintings as scenographies for an inner theater. As a scene where he can experiment with different characters and props to see how they unfold. In a dreamlike mix of impressions from everyday life and impulses from the subconscious. 

 North Kunstmesse

 Björn Camenius, "Game over, try again", Oil on canvas, 120x100 cm