John Eyre & Carina Moberg Eyre: Rost & Frost

January 19 - February 10, 2019
John Eyre and Carina Moberg Eyre


Old and worn, rusty and dented vehicles have always had a special appeal to me, especially the American cars and bikes with their spectacular design and rumbling engines. I see them as individuals and try to tell their story, marked by a long life on the roads. All the dreams and journeys that the vehicles gave rise to, all those who loved, quarreled, laughed and cried in them. Just like us humans, they bear traces of the time in which they lived and worked. And now they have become a monument to a short but revolutionary era in the history of the earth.


The ice settles and the frost takes hold of the vegetation around the small lake. Creation for a few short minutes of my life when I pass by. The lake is beautiful and visible there with its cracks in the new ice, in water that has penetrated through the cracks, the colors of nature are reflected. So far, they are standing there, the trees, in dull colors.

Carin Moberg Eyre  John Eyre

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