Sofia Heinonen: Transparent Movement

February 16 - March 3, 2019

The exhibition is based on an external event; a train journey. In painting, I use the experience of being in a landscape. As I move in the landscape, my position shifts, which affects vision and other perspectives.

Outside the window, the landscape sweeps past at different paces, while I move forward. On the train, I use my mobile camera to capture the blurred images at the train's speed. Behind the transparency of the glass pane, I become a spectator. Behind the glass, the world is divided into two halves. In that moment, I experience a distance between me and the landscape. Through the window I see moving pictures pass.

 On the train, my relationship to time is clarified. In the movement of the train, I commute between past, present and future. These are experiences that I use in painting. The work leads me into existential issues of time and representation.


 Sofia Heinonen     Sofia Heinonen

Now / recently, oil on panel, 50.5x39.5 cm
Before and after, oil on canvas, 93x70 cm