Scholarship exhibition

Scholarship exhibition
Marielle Göthberg, Kiwa Saito, Mathias Cyrus Höglund
6.12 - 22.12. 2023

Galleri Helle Knudsen's art association, Konstsällskapet Våga Se, awards several scholarships to promising artists yearly. In 2022, Marielle Göthberg, Kiwa Saito and Mathias Cyrus Höglund received scholarships, and now they are presented in a scholarship exhibition at the gallery.

Opening reception in the presence of the artists, Wednesday 6 December at 5-7 pm. Welcome!

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 Mathias Höglund

Mathias Cyrus Höglund was born in Gävle in 1990. Today, he lives and works in Stockholm. Höglund received his Bachelor's from Malmö Art Academy in 2019 and his Master's from the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm in 2022.

Höglund's paintings consist of fields of paint combined with painterly gestures and intense colours. Every gesture and mark is equally valued for the construction of the image. The creation of the paintings takes place intuitively and methodically to make the fields and gestures come together.

The motifs start as external drawings and are then transferred to the canvas, where new problems meet them - the colours. It is something that can be set autonomously to the original motif. Höglund often sticks to one motif for a long time, and the same motif reappears in several paintings as if they were different shots from the same scene. His eclectic aesthetic and approach are reminiscent of the abstract expressionists. Still, he turns it towards himself to build on, challenge and converse with art historical tropes and traditions.

 Kiwa Saito

Kiwa Saito was born in 1981 in Tokyo, Japan. She lives and works in Höganäs. She was educated at Steneby Institutionen för Konsthantverk och Design and Nyckelviksskolan.

In recent years, Saito's artistic activity has focused chiefly on embroidery. It is an art form that, for her, is meditative at the same time as it takes place physically. Instead of paper and pencil, she mainly uses fabric and thread to express her artistry. The technique allows her to work in any location for varying lengths. She has moved quite a bit but has never affected her work process. Embroidery is slow and time-consuming. The material is soft and alive, giving birth to emotions and offering many possibilities.

Through her embroidery, she records her life's severe and happy moments. Her previous main project was an embroidered diary that she worked on for ten years, from December 2010 to December 2020. Each year is divided into rolls 25-36 meters long when finished.

 Marielle Göthberg

Marielle Göthberg was born in 1998 and lives and works in Copenhagen, where she is currently studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and taking her Master's in 2026. She received her Bachelor's from the same art school in 2022.

Göthberg works with the mood of loss and insecurity. With her upbringing in the English, Sörmland and East Goth countryside constantly in mind, she works on the one hand with the loneliness and emptiness of the landscape. On the other hand, with the security and warmth of the feeling of longing. Man's presence is discreetly manifested in a planted rose bush, an electric light, a trodden path, a canal or a house. Her primary medium is painting, drawing and copperplate printing, where the material has as significant a poetic impact on the work as the subject. The structures in the painting testify to her habit of drawing, and the play of light in the drawings testifys to her love for painting. She sometimes works in an installation style where the expressions in different techniques and media are highlighted in relation to each other.