Tomas Colbengtson: Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen

As Told by Light and Shadow
Enter Art Fair
24.8 - 27.8. 2023
Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen, Denmark

We are pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring Tomas Colbengtson in our booth (#57) at this year's Enter Art Fair in Copenhagen. For more information and tickets - visit

Tomas Colbengtson is Sámi, born (1957) and grew up in the small village of Björkvattnet near Tärnaby, Sweden, just south of the Arctic Circle. In his artwork, he asks how the colonial heritage has changed Indigenous lives and landscapes of the Sámi and other Indigenous peoples. He struggles to revitalize his mother tongue, the South Sámi language. He works with visual art, using Sámi history and collective memory as the source of his art.

Jan Erik-Lundström - curator, art historian and writer: The exhibition continues the artist’s persistent mining, mapping and untangling of colonial history, uniting personal and collective perspectives. Colbengtson’s exploratory impulse–unfolding and unveiling Scandinavian domestic colonialism and trailing the historical destinies of the South Sámi people, language and culture–maintains a decided focus on the South Sámi experience.

For more information and a complete list of the artworks shown at the art fair, please contact the gallery:

Tomas Colbengtson
, screen-printed oil paint on aluminum, 71 x 128 cm

Tomas ColbengtsonCeremonial drum / Gievrie, Screen-printed oil paint on reindeer skin, brass, 92 x 68 x 5 cm

Tomas Colbengtson
Mountain / Vaerie
, screen-printed oil on polycarbonate, 80 x 125 cm

Tomas ColbengtsonCurtain / Gaptjedh, screen-printed oil paint on polycarbonate, 51,5 x 100,5 cm

Tomas ColbengtsonCultural Heritage I, screen-printed oil paint on polycarbonate, 68 x 58 cm

Tomas ColbengtsonLaula, screen-printed oil paint on electroplated aluminum, 53 x 53 cm