Tomas Nanne Sandberg: Urban Lovestory

Tomas Nanne Sandberg
Urban Lovestory
7.9 - 30.9. 2023

Tomas Nanne Sandberg, born in 1977, resides and operates in Stockholm. While his primary artistic mode is painting, it's worth noting that his journey traces back to the captivating world of graffiti art, firmly situating him within Sweden's second generation of graffiti painters. Sandberg's artworks take the form of late modernist landscape paintings. His compositions skillfully capture places imbued with a palpable sense of time and space, evoking a nostalgic yet contemporary resonance. These artistic renderings can be seen as a heartfelt homage to the suburban landscapes that nurtured and influenced the artist throughout his formative years. 

In both my artwork and my general life experiences, I've consistently harboured a deep affection and fascination for weathered concrete walls, vibrant blue train cars, and vacant suburban plazas. These places have always appeared to me through a romantic lens, with their surfaces, contours, and colours softly murmuring in my ear. I have intended to craft a love story on canvas as a heartfelt tribute to these urban landscapes—some etched in my memory, others merely fleeting encounters at the periphery of my awareness—and to immortalize them within the realm of my paintings. Like the environments I portray, my artworks have weathered the test of time, undergoing layers of paint, periods of neglect, rediscovery, and renewal, emerging resilient and robust.

Tomas Nanne SandbergM-line Romance, 2022, oil on canvas, 136 x 210 cm

Tomas Nanne Sandberg

The artist Tomas Nanne Sandberg in his studio


Tomas Nanne Sandberg

2004-2009 Konstfack, Stockholm
2001-2003 Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm

Selected solo exhibitions
2023 Galleri Helle Knudsen, Stockholm
2018, 2016 Galleri Lejon, Kalix
2018 Väsby Art Hall
2018, 2017 Lux Pavilion, Örebro
2016 Edsvik Konsthall
2014 WerksattWerksatt, Düsseldorf

Participated in several group exhibitions in Sweden and Great Britain.

Public decorations
2017 Gennevilliers, Paris, Mural
2017 Jaures, Paris, Mural
2007 Olofström Municipality
1997 Sollentuna Municipality