Yngve Henriksen: Changes

October 3 - October 24, 2020

The exhibition Changes shows paintings, embroidery and drawings by the Norwegian artist Yngve Henriksen. The title refers to an attempt to simplify the imagery, but also to the time we live in.

Henriksen's source material is the landscape he lives and works in, Lofoten. He works with images that have references in this and it is about both a physical and a mental landscape. As a kind of diary, every day has its impression and its history. Visually, it becomes abstract stories.

Henriksen was born in 1965 and lives and works in Svolvær, a town in Lofoten in northern Norway. From 1983-1985 he studied basic arts and crafts in Lofoten and then continued his education 1988-1990 at the Swedish School of Arts and Crafts in Bergen. His public works include decorations for Thon Hotel Lofoten, the SAS Hotel Svalbard, Oslo Courthouse, the Coastal Administration Kabelvåg, Leknes Airport, the University of Tromsø and the Central Hospital in Karlstad.

He has been awarded many scholarships, including Nordland County's Travel Scholarship, the Arcus Scholarship, the Norwegian Cultural Council's debutant grant and the Statens Reise / Studie Scholarship.

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