Yvonne Larsson: Pathless land

9.3 - 13.4

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The exhibition Pathless Land is Yvonne Larsson's first solo exhibition at Galleri Helle Knudsen and presents oil paintings from the past two years that form parts of the suites Forest's Embrace, Earth and Rain and Pathless Land.

Skogens famn was already started in 2012 for an exhibition in Kristianstad's art gallery. It is a series of large paintings of spruce forests, as close-up life-size sections, without sky or ground. In the paintings, the forest is viewed from different states. In light, darkness, heat, cold, enveloping and impenetrable.

From the suite Earth and rain the painting Warmth is shown, a dark red landscape, probably night where the rain is eternal in various ways. The recurring, the missing and the eternal. In the landscape, a horizon and a faint light can be sensed, but it is unclear whether it is dawn or merely the hope of such a dawn.

Roadless Land is a series of smaller paintings with a common theme. An unbroken free nature with completely different paths than man's; of the fog, the river, the ice, the marsh, the wilderness. The conditions are natural. The image ideas come from travels and hikes, but also the inner images that arise in the meeting between idea and freedom.

Carolina Söderholm, art historian, culture journalist and critic about Yvonne Larsson's artistry:

It would be easy to conclude that Yvonne Larsson paints what she sees. The fir trees, the glistening of the water and the garden at night. From her travels, she brings with her the expanses of the mountains, the cold smoke over the lake and the volcano's magma. But just as much she paints what cannot be seen. That which is hidden in the depths of the forest, far down in the layers of the mountain and the inside of man.

Yvonne Larsson was born in 1958 and grew up in Mjövik, Blekinge. She completed her basic education at Kristianstad Art School 1979-1981 and graduated from Malmö Art School Forum in 1988. Since 1991, she lives and works on the farm Grönhem in Österlen. She has shown solo exhibitions at e.g. Tjörnedala Art Hall, Tomelilla Art Hall, Karlshamns Art Hall, Nordens Hus in Reykjavik, Kristianstad Art Hall, Lidköping Art Hall, Ystad Art Museum, Gallery Aveny in Gothenburg and Gallery Thomas Wallner in Kabusa. She has also participated in international art fairs such as the Fountain Art Fair in Miami, the New York Fountain Art Fair and the Art Fair in Cologne.


Yvonne Larsson

Frost, oil on canvas, 140 x 180 cm


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