Collection: Björn Krestesen

Björn Krestesen was born in 1951 and lives and works in Stockholm. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 1974-1979. Björn's works have been shown separately at around 90 galleries, art galleries and museums in Sweden and at group exhibitions at around 100 museums and art galleries in Sweden and internationally.

I work as a kind of image archaeologist, searching and scratching in memory fragments, until it begins to resemble something I think I have seen and experienced. Life force fascinates me, and I am primarily interested in seeing, listening, understanding and asserting. For me, good art contains energy, based on presence and personality, a result of the practitioner rooting in his own expression and that is where he finds his artistic DNA. When we see art, we often answer yes or no. In both cases, it is a matter of communication. The fear, on the other hand, universal and in art, is indifference. Let's avoid it!