Collection: Henrik Stenberg

Henrik Stenberg was born in 1975 in Västerås. Educated at the Department of Art, Art College. Resident and active in Laholm.

“In my paintings, I seek an encounter with the grandeur of wild nature. Man's smallness in the face of the vast, uncontrolled. At the same time, they have sprung from my imagination and thus pure cultural products. I think that contradiction is exciting and interestingly enough, it will still be a journey for me into something unknown, at the same time as it will be a reflection of myself. I work with a process where chance at first shows different possibilities. Then I move the image towards greater and greater clarity, until I have reached a place that on some level feels real. In my art, I have also worked with, often with a humorous approach, processing and shaping styles and phenomena through the ages. Among other things, I have worked with themes such as costume history, music history and houses. I have also, with a certain amount of surrealism, created small scenes where characters meet and stories are hinted at. I now work mainly with painting and drawing, but have also worked with sculpture and performance. ”

Separate exhibitions
Artificial Wilderness, The Gallery, Gothia Towers, Gothenburg 2020
Unknown terrain, Hallsberg Art Gallery, Hallsberg 2018-2019
Cliffs and Peaks and crystal Creeks, Konstfrämjandet, Eskilstuna 2018
Crowds and caves, Stadshusgalleriet, Laholm 2017
In the house, Konsthallen / Hamnmagasinet, Varberg 2017
The Swedish Maritime Administration's art association, Swedish Maritime Administration, Norrköping 2016
Salon, Åstorp Library Art Gallery, Åstorp 2016
Houses and people this weekend and the parish, Gallery PS, Gothenburg 2013
Human capacity, Stadshusgalleriet, Laholm 2011
Blueprints for a new aesthetics, HangUps Gallery, Stockholm 2010
Henrik Stenberg, Natalia Goldin Gallery, Stockholm 2009
Riviera- Music, Sound and Post AB, Stockholm 2007