Collection: Jenny Olsson

Jenny Olsson was born in 1973 and works in Stockholm. She is an artist who works with time, memories and place. The main way of expression is through the graphics that create the opportunity to build images with several layers on top of each other. The trees, the forest and the water characterize her world of images and the landscape has a central place. In the creation of the images, the movement or walk through the landscape is important to also make time and different time perspectives visible.

Jenny has been active as a teacher of graphics at the Royal Academy of Arts and curator of the collections at Grafikens Hus. She has also started and runs the graphics workshop Tellus graphics where she conducts her own artistic practice and prints magazines for other artists.

Recent exhibitions:
Gallery Astley, GG workshop 10 years, 2019
Lithographic Museum; gap (separately), 2019
Gallery Helle Knudsen; Somewhere, 2019
Equator Stockholm (separately), 2017 
Graphic Society: Letter to Doris and Dreams of Rest, 2016
Nordens Ljus, 2016
Gallery Helle Knudsen, 2016
Gallery Nordens Ljus, 2016
Gallery Strömbom, 2015