Collection: Lukas Cornix

Lukas Cornix was born in 1993 in Växjö. He lives and works in Malmö, where, in 2022, he received his Master’s from the Academy of Fine Arts in Malmö. In 2019, he obtained his bachelor’s degree from HDK-Valand in Gothenburg. In addition to his two previous exhibitions at Galleri Helle Knudsen, he has also been presented at, e.g. Vandalorum, Galleri 21 (2022, with Jesper Thour and Björn Camenius), Galleri Arnstedt (2023, with Rebecca Larsson, Ivan Nylander and Amund Öhrnell). He has received scholarships from the Erik Eriksson Foundation, the Eva & Hugo Bergman Memorial Fund and the Växjö Culture Scholarship.

Over the past two years, his painting practice has predominantly taken place on paper, which benefits his approach and process. Cornix works very swiftly and intuitively. It is crucial for his exploration of mixed techniques and the type of painting he seeks to achieve. He aims to approach a painting style that combines intricate and unpretentious gestures. Painting non-prestigious is a challenge because spontaneity doesn't arise consciously. The painting Cornix pursues exists beyond the canvases and papers. Ideas are born from the margins, spots and splatters on studio walls and the unexpected combinations of media and accidents that occur on palettes. It's a sincere form of painting that connects to the core of his artistic expression: the joy of creation.