Collection: Lukas Cornix

Lukas Cornix was born in 1993 in Växjö. He is currently studying the master's program at Malmö Academy of the Arts. Cornix's practice is based on his love of craftsmanship and his process is experimental, continuous and versatile. He does not want to be restrained to a specific expression or theme, instead he wants to explore different topics and handle the material in a tactile and thematic way.

Kronoberg Art School 2012-2014
Gerlesborgsskolan Stockholm 2014-2016 
Valand Academy (candidate) 2016-2019
Malmö Academy of the Arts (master) 2020-

Växjö Art Gallery (graduating students Kronoberg Art School) 2014
Swedish Aunt's Gallery 2015
Gallery Helle Knudsen (group exhibition: graduating students Gerlesborgs) 2016
Gallery Thomassen (group exhibition, candidate free art, upcoming) 2017
Gallery Helle Knudsen, 2017
Gallery Thomassen (group exhibition) 2018
Gallery Helle Knudsen, 2019