Collection: Maria Lundström

Maria Lundström was born in 1954 in Arvidsjaur. She lives and works in Kallinge. 

I paint without thinking. It's my way of releasing the images that are about to be created. When I then attach the image to the paper or canvas, time, that very moment is an important factor and the form of the day gives an impression. At the same time, the memory of the previous painting still remains in the hand / gaze and creates connections with new image solutions. What the image is about is uninteresting to me, it is up to the viewer to use the image in their own way. I like when images radiate a tangible presence. Color combinations are exciting. It amuses me to be surprised.

Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design 1975-80

Selected exhibitions
2021 Heads full of Poetry, Simard Bilodeau Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA
2020 MICRO Gallery Uddenberg
2020 WAY OUT, La Grange Gallery, France,
2020 Gallery Uddenberg, Gothenburg
2019 A Take On Paper at Galleri KANT, Copenhagen (group exhibition)
2018 EDDYS ROOM at GalleriThomassen, Gothenburg (group exhibition)
2018 Modern Heritage Luberon, France

2018 Office Hours Project, Art & Design Uni, Oregon
2017 Modern Heritage Luberon, France

2017 Fine Arts Center Port Angeles, USA (groupshow)
2017 North wind Arts center, North Townsend, USA (groupshow)

2016 Gallery Zigma Växjö

2014 Krapperups Art Gallery 

2014 Bleaching 2014, Kulturcentrum Ronneby

2011 Kulturcentrum Ronneby, enamel exhibition 

2011 Burträskbygdens Konstförening 

2011 Grönbechs Gård Bornholm 

2010 Dalarnas Museum Falun 

2010 Blekinge Museum 

2010 Skånst Kristiansstad 

2010 The house in Asnes Denmark 

2009 Kobebus Karlskrona