Collection: Morten Gjul

Morten Gjul was born in 1973 and lives and works in Bergen, but is originally from Gyl in Norway. He has participated in hundreds of exhibitions at home and abroad, and has received a number of scholarships and awards. In 2015, he was awarded the Fosen scholarship and in 2018 the Sula scholarship. He has also represented Norway in several watercolor biennials. Among other places in Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, Mexico and Denmark.

Recent solo exhibitions (selection)

2018: Gallery Fenka, Levanger
2016: Aure Kunstlag
2016: Cafe ’Opera, Bergen
2016: Duun House, Fosnes
2016: Sunndal Kunstlag, Gallery Barbara
2015: Halsa Kunstlag
2015: Overhalla Art Association
2015: Hilmar Festival, Steinkjer
2015: Fosnes scholarship, Duunhuset, Jøa
2015: Gallery Smalgangen, Åsgårdstrand