Collection: Amanda Karlsson

Amanda Karlsson was born in Karlstad, 1989. Today, she resides and works in Gothenburg. In her artistic practice, she uses oil paint and works with wood in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. She constructs scenographies and stages imagined events, which she then documents and recreates in installations and paintings. She aims to craft narratives from a fictional reality alongside our own. This alternate reality is shaped by her upbringing in Värmland, steeped in mythological storytelling, working-class culture, and dense forests. She explores our need for narratives through painting, sculpture, and installations and how a fictional space can serve as a stage for our eternal quest for comprehension. From this place, she endeavours to discover new perspectives and, if not approach a truth, at least process the longing for it.

Solo exhibitions - in selection
2023, The Leech Party, Värmlands Museum
2023, Scholarship exhibition, Kristinehamns konstmuseum
2022, Vargfabriken, Ebelingmuseet, Torshälla
2020, Things that happen, Gallery Ekdahl, Karlstad
2020, Beacon, Helle Knudsen Gallery, Stockholm
2019, Here be dragons, The contemporary garage- OpenArt, Örebro
2019, The Great Unrest, Flemish Gallery, Borås
2018, What Are You Looking For? Arvika Art Gallery, Arvika
(with Marie Thorslund and Johanna Friberg)
2016, We Are Herds, Gallery Helle Knudsen, Stockholm
2016, If we are just quiet and still then maybe it will pass, Gallery Lars Hjelm, Karlstad
2014, I can not carry it for you, but I can carry you, Konsthall K, Karlstad
2013, Ultimate Existence, Ori Gallery, Berlin
2012, Cow Home, Morgenrot Gallery, Berlin
2012, Under Influence, Zeitzone Gallery, Berlin

Public art
2021, Live archive, Rimbo Kulturscen, Norrtälje municipality
2021, Mural, higab, set paint, Gothenburg
2020, You and what army, Installation for Ståhl Collection contemporary art museum, Norrköping
2020, Borderland, installation for the summer street, Falköping
2019, Mural painting, Swedish Transport Administration, Gothenburg
2018, Ritz Kulturhus, Arvika
2018, Westcoastwalls, straw town
2018, Useless knights, commissioned by Wermlands Invest and Karlstad electricity and city network