Collection: Emmeli Rolleberg

Stones, branches and empty shells
4.5 - 27.5. 2023

The gallery's art association, the Konstsällskapet Våga Se, annually awards several art scholarships to promising artists. Emmeli Rolleberg was one of the scholarship recipients in 2021, receiving SEK 10,000 and the opportunity for a solo exhibition.

Emmeli Rolleberg (b.1990) is a ceramic artist living in Gothenburg with roots in Söderala socken in Hälsingland. In 2020, she received her MFA (Ceramic Art) from HDK Valand in Gothenburg. Before that, she also studied at Konstfack (BFA) in Stockholm and Formakademin in Lidköping.

She explores the complex emotions associated with loss and grief in her ceramic work. Throughout history, death has been a source of both horror and fascination, and we are constantly searching for answers to the unanswerable questions. In her soul-searching, she digs into established religious theories, folk beliefs and animism. 

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