Collection: Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson (b. 1931 in Härlunda, Småland) has studied ceramics at the School of Crafts Association in Gothenburg. 1954-80 she worked as a designer at Gustavsberg's porcelain factory and quickly became known for her expressive, modernist figures and vessels in stoneware. Since 1981, she has worked as a freelancer for, among others, Rosenthal, KF, Höganäs and Skruf glassworks. In 1992, Larson became artistic director of the Keramikstudion in Gustavsberg, which she founded the same year. During the 2000s, Larson's work has gained a large audience in, among others, Japanese. She is currently working professionally as a designer and in recent years has presented several new models produced by Keramikstudion Gustavsberg and various Japanese producers. In 2022, she was awarded a medal of the twelfth size by the government.