Collection: Tomas Gustavsson

Tomas Gustavsson was born in 1958. He is educated at Västerås Art School and Art College in Stockholm. Gustavsson has shown solo exhibitions at e.g. Gallery Magnus Karlsson in Västerås and Stockholm, Gallery Wallner in Malmö, Gallery KAZ in Västerås and Gallery Helle Knudsen in Stockholm.

"When I look at my latest paintings, I notice that I haven't developed much since the age of seven. I found a drawing book from my first year in school and saw that I had used the same circle of motifs since then; ships, mountains, houses, forests, and water. What is a little different since then is that it was always a blue sky with half a sun in the upper left corner. Nowadays, the sky is more purple and grey, and the sun shines through the broken cracks and scratches." - Tomas Gustavsson

The current exhibition at the gallery:
1.4 - 29.4. 2023
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