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Burst in bloom

Erik Kihlbaum

Erik Kihlbaum

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Titel: Burst in bloom
Technique: Ink on paper
Paper dimensions: 66x51 cm
Frame: Framed in a white frame with art glass, 81x65 cm

Erik Kihlbaum was born in 1976 in Örebro, he lives and works in Stockholm. He is educated at the Umeå Academy of the Arts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Kihlbaum works with ink drawings and stone lithographs. Through layers of black ink, he examines time and space/objects in the collage form and the sculptural in drawing. His work is in project form where he works with drawings that are part of his own subject-specific series. Often with several different such projects running at the same time. Thematically, the work revolves around issues of nature, objects, time, spatiality, and history. Erik is interested in contemporary issues through e.g. historical markers and such as brooding disasters, still images from events and a circular concept of time.

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