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Östersund II

Linda Lasson

Linda Lasson

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Title: Östersund II
Technique: Embroidery / mixed media on food waste bag
Dimensions, bag: 35 x 20 cm
Frame: Oak frame with art glass
Dimensions, frame: 46 x 30 cm

Linda Lasson creates images by embroidering with black sewing thread on lining paper. The exhibition "In the forest and other landscapes" is her second solo exhibition at the gallery and is a dark and critical exposé on the ideas and practices of modernity. In Lasson's visual world, nature, and the people who live in harmony with it, are met by strong and destructive forces. It could be mining, clear-cutting or forest fires caused by climate change, in short, human greed.

Linda Lasson (b. 1975) lives and works in Kramfors. She has had a large number of exhibitions at museums in Sweden, but also internationally. Her work has been shown at galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Rome and Barcelona as well as at the Swedish embassy in Washington and at several international art fairs.


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