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Morgonljus Prins Karls Nordspets

Svenerik Jakobsson

Svenerik Jakobsson

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Title: Morning light Prince Karl's Nordspets
Technology: Own print, EA
Paper dimensions: 31x30.5 cm Image dimensions: 21.5x31 cm

Svenerik Jakobsson was born in Åre in 1934. He lives and works in Stockholm. Svenerik was educated at Konstfack in Stockholm 1953-1958. He has had about 80 solo exhibitions at galleries, art galleries and museums in Sweden and internationally.

Svenerik's sources of inspiration are mainly animals and nature. Among other things, he has participated in expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic, and has been to Greenland many times where he also worked as a teacher of graphics at the art school in Nuuk. In connection with the International Polar Year 2007-2008, Polar Year stamps were issued. Svenerik's etching was chosen as a model for one of Sweden's contributions: "Stone fragment Snow Hill I", which he made during the Antarctic expedition in 1989.

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